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Innovative Refractory Solutions

Mantec Refractories is a division of Mantec Technical Ceramics, a diverse manufacturing technology company, with an historical pedigree spanning more than 50 years, providing bespoke and innovative refractory solutions to global ceramic manufacturing industries.

Mantec specialises in providing world class and unique refractory products that enable global manufacturers to maximise the thermal performance and efficiencies within their kilns and production processes.


Mantec Refractories provides a complete range of innovative, energy efficient and ultra-lightweight refractory solutions to a broad range of industries including: heavy clay, sanitaryware, tableware, kilns & furnaces, technical & advanced ceramics, foundry, heat treatment. In an era of ever increasing fuel costs, Mantec Refractories offers solutions for reducing overall kiln energy consumption costs and thus improving manufacturing efficiencies and profits.

Heavy Clay

Mantec Refractories offers innovative energy efficient solutions that have been saving money, improving efficiency and reducing maintenance time within the global brick and tile manufacturing sector for many years.


Kilns & Furnaces

Mantec Refractories offers the complete solution to enable kiln & furnace builders and ceramic manufacturers to maximise thermal performance and efficiencies within their kilns & furnaces.



Leading global tableware manufacturers rely on the manufacturing expertise of Mantec Refractories to supply essential products and services that contribute towards the production of first class tableware.


Foundry & Heat Treatment

Mantec Refractories offers solutions for the production challenges in demanding high temperature environments.



Mantec Refractories plays a particularly important role within the global sanitaryware sector to maximise energy efficiency and manufacturing yields.


Technical & Advanced Ceramics

Mantec Refractories offers an extensive range of products for the technical and advanced ceramic sectors and is fully equipped with the technological expertise to provide innovative and world-class solutions.

Mantec Filtration - A Division of Mantec Technical Ceramics

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