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Bullers™ Process Control Discs (BPCDs)

Following a programme of intense research and reformulation trials, we are delighted to launch the completely requalified, new generation of Bullers Process Control Discs (BPCDs) – an essential tool for high-performance pyrometric measurement.

Advanced Manufacturing

At Mantec Technical Ceramics, we employ world-class manufacturing techniques to produce our discs to a precise specification that is necessary for consistent performance. Every batch of raw materials in our factory is pretested to exacting standards before being released into our sophisticated ISO 9001:2008 accredited production process.

Mantec’s BPCDs have been designed so that they are suitable for any type of kiln or furnace and, due to their practical size, can be conveniently positioned in almost any location. There are five different types, all 20mm in diameter and 5mm thick, covering applications across a 1000°C temperature range.

These five options have overlapping operating parameters, and we believe they are the most flexible and cost efficient pyrometric measurement devices available today.

What are BPCDs?

BPCDs are specially formulated ceramics with closely defined specifications. They operate within a full range of temperatures from 770°C (1420°F) right up to 1770°C (3220°F). They provide the basic information needed to maintain consistent, accurately controlled and reproducible firing and sintering conditions.

BPCDs are therefore an essential part of any Quality Assurance system within the world

of thermal treatments. The most common applications for our current product range are in the processing of:

• Technical Ceramics
• Single & Multi-layer Capacitors
• Semiconductors
• Ferrites
• PM Components
• Insulators
• Refractories
• Grinding Wheels

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