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This website uses cookies. Cookies are small files placed on your computer by websites to aid their functionality and help us improve your experience. This page gives more information about how we use cookies on this site, but for more general information you can visit


Name: spxCookies
Content: \”dismissed\”
Purpose: This tells the web browser to hide the Cookie notice. It is only set after the user has dismissed the notice.
Expires: 5 years

Name: __cfduid
Content: randomly generated code of letters and numbers
Purpose:This is generated by CloudFlare, a third-party service which helps protect the website from security threats and boosts performance.
Expires: 6 years approx.


This website is built on the popular Drupal open source platform and uses a number of standard Drupal cookies in order to function fully. These are detailed below:

Name: SESSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (x represent a unique string of letters and numbers)
Purpose: This helps to maintain a user session, remembering any preferences as set by the user.
Content: unique string of randomly generated letters and numbers
Expires: when the user closes the browser

Name: has_js
Content: 1
Purpose: This enables Drupal to customise delivery of content according to whether this value is set or not.
Expires: when the user closes the browser

Name: __atuvc
Content: string of letters and numbers
Purpose: Placed the AddThis Drupal module, the cookie is used to update information about shared pages.

Google Analytics

The following cookies are set by Google Analytics. A brief summary of each is given below. However for full and accurate information on how they are used, please visit:

Name: _utma
Content: randomly generated number
Purpose: Determines if the current web browser in use has visited this website before. This is used to help determined for example how many repeat visits the website might get.
Expires: 2 years

Name: _utmb
Content: randomly generated number
Purpose: Maintains a session for tracking user activity on the website.
Expires: 30 minutes

Name: _utmc
Content: randomly generated number
Purpose: Used by earlier versions of Google Analytics. It is now depreciated but still created for backwards compatibility.
Expires: when user closes browser

Name: _utmz
Content: randomly generated number and code
Purpose: Stores information about how the page was reached (eg directly, via a link or organic search etc)
Expires: 6 months

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