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Lightweight Refractory Aggregates

Ultralite Graded Aggregate (UGA)

Ultralite Graded Aggregate (UGA) is supplied to customers who prefer to utilise Ultralite as a lightweight refractory aggregate to manufacture their own refractory shapes.

Ultralite Graded Aggregate (UGA) is the graded version of Mantec\’s Ultralite Loose Fill (ULF) insulation material and is available in two main grades with maximum service temperatures ranging from 1050°C (1922°F) up to 1250°C (2282°F):

  • UGA-10 – Maximum service temperature of 1050°C (1922°F)
  • UGA-12 – Maximum service temperature of 1250°C (2282°F)

For this application, UGA products are available in the following standard grain sizes:

  • 0 to 1mm
  • 0 to 2mm
  • 0 to 3mm

In addition to these typical Ultralite Graded Aggregate products, Mantec also has the ability to develop specific grades to suit customers’ own bespoke requirements.