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Ultralite Insulating Firebricks

Proven 16% Energy Saving in Kiln Roof Insulation

Ultralite Insulating Firebricks (UIFBs) are manufactured by Mantec Technical Ceramics using advanced microporous refractory technology and unique patent pending engineering expertise.

The standard UIFB-26 brick meets the requirements of ASTM C155 for group 26 applications requiring a temperature rating of 1400°C/2552°F. UIFB-26 comes in two standard sizes – 230mm x 114mm x 64mm (9” x 4 ½” x 2 ½”) and 230mm x 114mm x 76mm (9” x 4 ½” x 3”).


This case study covers a pilot project carried out by Mantec, which was to study the effect on energy usage when changing the insulation material within a kiln roof from a typical IFB-28 brick to the recently developed Ultralite UIFB-26 brick.

The front-loading electric intermittent kiln is sited at Mantec’s Stoke-on-Trent headquarters facility in the UK and was fired and monitored over a period of a few months following the roof brick conversion.

The kiln is used to fire technical ceramics, has a useful capacity of 1m3 (35ft3) and achieves a top temperature of 1400°C (2552°F). In this case study we highlight the changes that occurred in energy consumption when only the roof material was subject to substitution – no other parts of the kiln were modified.


The performance and energy consumption of the kiln was monitored over several months, both with the original construction (IFB-28) and with the modified construction (UIFB-26).

In order to produce completely comparable results for this study, each firing was carried out to the same temperature profile and used the same kiln loading of the same technical ceramic product.

Initially, Mantec used its SIMUTHERM Heat Flow Simulation Software to model the thermal performance of the two kiln roof constructions. When comparing the heat loss results from this software model, a saving of 27% in energy through the roof was calculated for Mantec’s UIFB-26 brick compared to the original

However, in overall terms, when the average total power consumption of the kiln was recorded, this fell from 2083 kWh to 1749 kWh per firing – a real saving of 16% – as a result of Mantec merely replacing the roof bricks with its lower classification UIFB-26. This is an extremely favourable result for Mantec considering that only a partially refurbished kiln was studied. Greater overall energy savings can therefore be expected once the full conversion of the kiln has been completed using Ultralite UIFB-26 bricks.

The Benefits of Ultralite Insulating Firebricks (UIFB)

  • Probably the lightest insulating firebrick on the market today within its classification
  • Patent pending technology
  • Half the weight and half the density of other industry standard Group 26 insulating firebricks
  • Lower thermal conductivity
  • Lower heat storage
  • Higher strength
  • Superior all-round thermal performance
  • Thinner wall constructions are possible for the same energy efficiency of other products
  • Special shapes available to customer order
  • Ease of handling due to their lightness

For more information, please contact Mark Berrisford at Mantec Technical Ceramics Ltd at or by telephone +44 (0)1782 377553.