Ultralite Insulating Firebricks – New Product Launch

Mantec Technical Ceramics, the British ceramics innovator and manufacturer, chose this year’s Tecnargilla exhibition as the venue to launch its brand new Ultralite™ Insulating Firebricks (UIFB).

This latest addition to the Ultralite family of insulation products is attracting keen interest right across the industry, including from kiln and furnace manufacturers. Mantec has come up with products which are just half the weight and half the density of comparable firebricks currently available. The UIFB range also offers superior thermal insulation and better mechanical properties.

\"\"“We have a selection of bricks and tiles on display,” said global sales manager Adrian Wake, “as well as a kiln car cross section which demonstrates how all our Ultralite concepts come together to deliver better performance, increased efficiencies and substantial cost savings in the firing of ceramics.

“We have gone through a period of extensive research, development and testing and are very excited about the prospects for the new range. I have no doubt that the Tecnargilla visitors will be impressed with our achievements.”

Manufactured using Mantec’s unique patent pending engineering method, the Ultralite Insulating Firebrick is probably the lightest firebrick on the market today within its classification.

Rigorous independent testing in France over the summer – comparing an industry standard IFB 26 against Mantec’s UIFB 26 firebrick – confirmed thermal conductivity levels more or less consistently 25% lower for the new UIFB.

Also new to the market, Ultralite Cover Tiles (UCT) are manufactured from the same lightweight and thermally efficient material and therefore offer the same design, thermal, mechanical and in-use performance benefits.

Adrian Wake added: “The much lower thermal conductivity, density, heat storage and heat loss properties of Ultralite Insulating Firebricks and Ultralite Cover Tiles should mean that customers can enjoy previously unattainable thermal efficiency levels in their kilns and furnaces. It’s a prospect they won’t want to ignore.”

Contact: Adrian Wake, Global Sales Manager

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